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Unable to communicate over a trunk

I try to configure a asa5505 and a AIR-AP1131 to communicate over a trunk. A PC connected to the ASA / Vlan-3-Port is able to communicate and is able to get an ip address via DHCP from DHCP-server for VLAN 3 an the ASA . Connecting wireless to the AP no communication is possible. Trying DHCP und debugging these behavior on the ASA shows incoming DHCP requests and offers. The offers do not arrive at the wireless PC. I would like to discuss my surly wrong configuration with the experts.

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Re: Unable to communicate over a trunk

Do you have configs of the switch the AP is connected to, and of the AP. if you could post them that would help.

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Re: Unable to communicate over a trunk

Thank you for working on my problem. Because i thought not to get an answer i posted the problem again under "lan,switching and routing", topic "dot1q not working between ap1131 and asa5505". There are the configs already attached. Would it be possible for you to continue on that conversation ? Thank you.

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