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Vlan inforamtion

Thanks in advance

Hey its my first post so please gentle to me.

I have one server and one L3 switch and in L3 switch i want to make 10 vlans and one port i want to assign as uplink port which should be able to talk with all Vlan...please help?


Re: Vlan inforamtion

What will the uplink port be connected to? If another recent Cisco switch, they should default to trunking, which will mean all VLANs will be carried up that port, so another switch will be able to use the same VLANs.

Though reading your comment, and your specific referencs to L3, I wonder if you are trying to use the uplink as a L3 interface?

In that case yo wuld want to do something like

conf t

vlan 10

vlan 11

vlan 12



int vlan 10

ip add

int vlan 11

ip add


int vlan 19

ip add

int fas 0/1 desc L3 uplink

no switch

ip add

obviously you would change VLAN numbers and IP addresses to be appropriate for your network.

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Re: Vlan inforamtion

what would be the route as per your network ?

Re: Vlan inforamtion

Sorry, I don't understand what you are asking there.

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