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I am on a switch WS-3548-XL-EN and Software version 12.0(5.3)WC(1).

#show int vlan 14: VLAN14 is deleted, line protocol is down.

#show ip int vlan 14: VLAN14 is deleted, line protocol is down

#vlan data,show: VLAN ISL Id:14

Name: VLAN0014

Media Type: Ethernet

VLAN 802.10 Id: 100014

State: Operational

MTU: 1500

#show vlan

VLAN Name Status Ports

14 VLAN0014 active Fa0/1

#ip int brief

Interface IP-Address ok? Status Protocal

VLAN14 unassigned YES deleted down

My goal is to have vlan14 working on the switch

-Mike (trying to save the network, one switch at a time)


Re: VLAN Land

which switch model you are using?

have you deleted VLAN 14 from the switch?

if not, can you try out this command "vlan 14 state ative" in config mode.

If you are using a Layer 2 switch, you can have only a single active VLAN.

hope to help ... rate if it does...

New Member

Re: VLAN Land

The switch model and IOS is posted above, I can't us the commands you suggested, they aren't available.

I am using an ENhanced version of XL..

WHen I do a show vlan all vlans which I have on the switch have an "active" status.

Thanks anyways...



Re: VLAN Land

Hi Mike,

There are two "levels" of vlans on a switch. A layer2 vlan and the layer3 interface. It looks like you have configured the layer2 vlan (show vlan command verifies this), but layer 3 (show ip int brief) shows the layer3 as deleted.

If you want to enable the layer3 vlan interface, go into configuration mode, then type

interface vlan 14

no shutdown

ip addr w.x.y.z

Otherwise, most people leave the vlan as layer2 only and pass it through to other switches.

Hope this helps,


Cisco TAC - Campus LAN

New Member

Re: VLAN Land


I typed the command, I am not good with netmasks which would explain the

"Bad mask /24 for address"

If it isn't what should it be?


New Member

Re: VLAN Land

OK People, I have added the big picture ass a power point.

My problem is can not reach

If you do a traceroute from you get

1 switch_lab

2 * * * *

On 4506 router/sw

interface vlan168

ip address

interface vlan14

ip address

BTW this is all on a CLOSED network we have no outside access.

Re: VLAN Land

are you able to ping from S&W_SRA_12 switch?

are you able to ping S&W_SRA_12 from 4506 router/sw and vice-versa? Is link between these switches is Layer 2 or Layer 3?

request from is getting timed out at 4506 router/sw, so look at the routes at this switch to move towards

check for inter-vlan routing configured on the switches?

what about when you tracert from where it is getting stopped?

New Member

Re: VLAN Land

Yes I am able to ping from S&W_SRA_12 switch.

yes I am able to ping from S&W_SRA_12 switch to 4506 and vise versa.

Sorry I don't know what you mean in the link between, Layer 2 or 3. however, per my attached PPT drawing it is a TRUNK at present allowing All VLANS.

S&W_SRA_12 switch is a C3550-24-EMI

When I do a traceroute (Solaris 9) from to it appears to hangup in the 4506 .

When you say look at the routes I think you are on to something... I think I am going to have to resort to posting the CONFIGS.

As I said they are of a very closed system which means I can not cut and past... only "look and type" Ouch!"

New Member

Re: VLAN Land

Could you type the command show ip route on the 4506. This will give the routing table.



New Member

Re: VLAN Land

That is an coorect message, you gave the vlan an network address which does not exist. / 24 ( is the network identifier. You should select between and

New Member

Re: VLAN Land

4506 Router#show ip route

Codes (skip this)

Gateway of last resort is not set

C is directly connected, Vlan150

C is directly connected, Vlan14

C is directly connected, Vlan168

C is directly connected Vlan1

New Member

Re: VLAN Land

Ok so that ok, could you please dump the config of the 4506 and the other switch.



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