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Hi all

If I have a switch with normal vlan 1 running, the other switch has all ports in vlan 11, will they see each other ? if I configured vtp would they then not see each other ?


Re: vlans

If you connect the two switches using a normal access port (i.e a non-trunk link), then all ports in both the switches will be able to communicate with each other.

If you configure the link between them as a trunk, then they will not be able to communicate since you have used two different VLANs on each.

VTP is only used for sync'ing up the VLANs on the switches.


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Re: vlans

Hi carl,

You mean to say if both the switches can see each other or not? In that case if you have configured the inter switch link as trunk then only both can see each other but u have to configure the VTP parameters in both of them. By default all the switch are in VTP server mode so they can see each other if u don't configure the VTP also. But The PCs connected to both the switches can't communicate unless u have a Layer 3 devices connected inbetween the switches for inter v-lan routing.

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Re: vlans

Hi Bibhu,

VTP is not at all concerned with communication of VLANS. No matter you configure VTP in server mode, client mode or transparent mode with any VTP domain mame it does not affect communication of machines.

VTP is just to synch vlan information. Now as Paresh said you can make all machines talk to each other if you just connect a cross cable between 2 ports in 2 different VLANS without intervlan routing and this is what a leakage of technology is.



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