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VTY lines getting tied up.

Hi all, hope you can help with this query.

For some reason one of our users manages to tie up all the VTY lines on devices, it is only 1 user that it happens too and it does not seem terminate his session freeing up his line.

We have tried putting the idle timer on the vty lines and on the ACS server which works with everyone else, they get kicked out after 5 minutes.

As its just the 1 user we think it must be the software on his client, and it may sending some sort of keepalives so the device still thinks the line is active. However if this was the case would the "idle time" for the user not keep reseting, as it just clocks up the time. There is occasions the user has an idle time of over a year.


Re: VTY lines getting tied up.


I've seen this issue alot, users tend to configure anti-idle (this is atleast its name on Secure CRT) that sends any string every 30 seconds to prevent the router from terminating the session, you can take an aggressive action and configure absolute timeout. To prevent this user from denying you access you can configure a certain line with an ACL and/or rotary that no one but you can access.


Mohammed Mahmoud.

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