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What is “no scheduler allocate"

How I can edit (or delete) this line.


Re: What is “no scheduler allocate"


I dont think you are required to worry about that command since thats the default config command available to allocate the CPU time period reqd to process.

I wont suggest to fiddle around the same too ...


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Re: What is “no scheduler allocate"

My Router 1751, restarts after few minutes. I have a same Router at diffrent location. But that Router do not have this line in configuration. So I want to rempove this line.

Re: What is “no scheduler allocate"


Might be the same router which you have at different location is running code lower than 11.2 and that is the reason this command is not there.

But this command id bydefault there and bydefault approximately 5 percent of the CPU is available for process tasks.

You cannot remove this command from config but if it is no scheduler allocate it is working on default behaviour and I do not think that is the reason for your router reload.

Can you check the "sh proc cpu" and find out if the CPU is hitting high and then router gets reload or do you see any stack trace after router reload.



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Re: What is “no scheduler allocate"

I agree with both of the previous posts that it is quite unlikely that the no schedular allocate has anything to do with the router restarting or rebooting.

If you would post the output of show version it might be helpful. show version includes some information about the last restart of the router and if it is due to some error will have some identification of the error.

So post the output and we will see if we can help find an answer.



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Re: What is “no scheduler allocate"

Please find the following attached files

1) sh proc cpu

2) show version

3) sh tech-support

Show Flash:

System flash directory:

File Length Name/status

1 13235212 c1700-sv8y7-mz[1].123-2.T9.bin

[13235276 bytes used, 20319156 available, 33554432 total]

32768K bytes of processor board System flash (Read/Write)

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