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What's the right network setup for me?

I am looking into holding regular professional level video game tournaments and would like to be able to start by having at least 20 spots on my network for players as well as 3 for game servers and spectators.

I feel that it would be best to stay with a product that offers either 24 or 48 port 10/100/1000, but I have never worked with networks larger than 4 wired devices. This network will be used primarily for users who bring their own PC, however may occasionally be used for other gaming consoles such as X-Box 360 or Playstation 3.

Are there any products that I should keep an eye out for? How much should I be looking to invest in network gear? Is wireless as bad of an idea as my instincts tell me it is?


Re: What's the right network setup for me?


Since these are gaming machines I assume them to be desktops and not laptops.

First of all I would recommand you to go in for wired network. In wireless though you may get the flexibility of keeping PCs anywhere but the wire speed you get is only 54Mbps. Whereas in wired network you will get 1Gbps.Also, you will have to procure PCI adapters+wireless cards, whereas now-a-days you get 1Gb LAN card in every pc.

So with wired network you will enhance your gaming experiance.

If you do not have LAN ports on consoles, then you can install one AP which can cater to them.A 1130ABG AP can cater approx 20 clients.

Since this would be a flat network, you can go for Cisco 2960 series switches which have 24/48 port whichever suits your needs.

Since this is a gamers meet, I believe this would held at a hall or stadium type of thing. There you cannot put fix nwk ports, so you just need to extend the cables from the switch to the PCs. In general, the gamers are sitting in a circle/semi-circle where in between all the equipment is placed.

Hope I have answered your queries. In case you have more, shoot back.



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Re: What's the right network setup for me?

A 48 port Cisco 2960G (prod ID: WS-2960G-48TC-L) should work for you. Gigabit connection to every device.


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