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When Cash Counts which router

We want to do some testing with NAT and Multicast Tunneling. I have Already suggested the 2801. My boss says, what is the smallest series with 2 SPFs that will do NAT and Multi cast tunneling?

Please advise.


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Re: When Cash Counts which router

Re: When Cash Counts which router

Hi Mike,

In addition to Ankur's post as 2801 doesnot have on-board SFP there is another module HWIC-1GE-SFP which has one SFP port on it and this module is also not supported on 2801.

If you are looking for the router with 2 SFP ports on it mu sggestion would be 3825 which has a on-boaard SFP port and use the module list above in one of the HWIC card and it will solve your purpose.

HTH,Please rate if it does.

-amit singh

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Re: When Cash Counts which router

We have mostly GBIC trunks between our switches and router, I really don't see any value added on a SFP over a GBIC. I am not saying SFP isn't any good, I am just saying we really don't see it in our application. We have one 3560 with SFP and don't have much activety on the thing..

At any rate, the router we are going to connect to has SFP, but we could actually just buy a fiber pair that has GBIC for our side and an LC Connector on the other end of it to connect to the other route..


Re: When Cash Counts which router


You need to go for a 3800 series router for that.But 3825/3845 supports only one SPF.

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Re: When Cash Counts which router

As I said you can either use 3825 or 3845 with a HWIC-1GE-FP to have 2 SFP ports on the router.This will work for you.


-amit singh


Re: When Cash Counts which router

I would say the only advantage of the sfp over normal gbic is their size and as long as you have the same type of light (sx,lx,zx) you can hook them together with a suitable patch cord.

Unless you have to have fiber I would run your router on the 100m copper interfaces. None of the routers you are looking at come anywhere close to 100m of thoughput and do even worse when you run NAT on them.

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Re: When Cash Counts which router

Thanks, I have to talk and find out what kind of Bandwith we are supporting, last I heard it was only 30k!!!

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