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1131 AP's flashing orange/amber

What does it mean when your 1131 access points are flashing orange or amber.

Its not showing up on my 4404 controllers. I think its a bad run from the wireing closet to the ap.


Re: 1131 AP's flashing orange/amber

It depends on which LED you are referring to. Here is a chart of what the different LED's mean.

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Re: 1131 AP's flashing orange/amber

I mean the Status LED. The circle on top. I've seen the red color on the AP's before so I know its not that. I don't see anything on the chart for flashing amber.

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Re: 1131 AP's flashing orange/amber

That's what he meant. It's also known as the "mood ring".

During bootup, the mood ring will flash in a slow succession. It will flash all the colors, red, orange, purple, blue, green ...

During it's search for a WLC, the color is mostly red/orange/amber.

When it's found a controller, the color is green.

When someone or something has joined to it the color is blue/purple.

If the controller is flashing all the colors in a quick succession then the AP's probably in ROMMON.

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