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1131 AP Upgrade

I upgraded my 4404-100 WLCs from 4.1.185 to 4.2.207. I had 26 APs (all 1131 a/b/g) associated to WLCs.

After ugprade all but two 1131s have re-associated and received firmware updates. The two that did not associate are connected to the switch (port up/up) and I can see the mac-addresses. I can also see them as cdp neighbors with correct ap names. So it seems they do still have some config on them. However, they are not getting an IP address from the DHCP server and as such are not associating to the WLCS.

I have rebooted them twice to no avail. The round circle LED is solid green.

Scratching my head here. Any advice is appreciated. Anyone come across this problem before performing upgrades?


Re: 1131 AP Upgrade

Well, here's the fun thing about this. A green circle means that it's fully associated with a controller. Also, the fact that CDP works should mean that the APs are working, as you indicate.

There are no other controllers on-site? Were these APs in HREAP mode? Can you associate to these APs? Do you see any wireless signal coming from the APs?

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Re: 1131 AP Upgrade

Do these two AP's have PoE from the switch or injectors? If injectors check to see if the Power Over Ethernet Settings have Power Injector State enabled.

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Re: 1131 AP Upgrade

Turned out the green solid light was temporary. The APs were actually flashing different colors. The AP manual indicates it's searching for WLC when using that color sequence.

The are powered by injectors. They were already configured for the correct POE settings before the upgrade. So I suspect that is still good. However, if they are not set propertly I can't do anything because they don't associate to the WLC.

The exact sympton is that these APs fail to get a DHCP address. Other APs, same model, on same switch, on same vlan, can get IP address. So it definitely AP related. DHCP server/scope is ok.

I have TAC case open. I will update when I get a resolution.

My instinct tells me this is probaly some random bug with WLC code 4.2.207. With the DHCP process specifically. There are like over 20 pages of open caveats in the release notes. Have not identified one yet. But we know all bugs don't necessarily make the release notes...

Thanks for the replies guys. I appreciate it.

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Re: 1131 AP Upgrade

I hope you can console into the APs. If you can, please verify that the APs have acquired a valid IP address and can successfully ping the WLC Management IP address.

If it can, in enable mode, use the command "lwap ap controller ip address ".

If you get a response of "Command disabled" or something, you'll need to delete the LWAP image and let the AP boot up the "rcv" image and try the command again.

There's a well-known bug in the 4.X firmware that the GUI settings of the Primary and Secondary Controller don't work at all. I have found success by entering the details (per AP) using CLI on the WLC. The command is "config ap general primary ".

Hope this helps.

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