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1131AG-E-K9 will not join 2125 WLC

I am unable to make the 1131AG join the 2125 WLC in my test network. I have enbled the following debug commands on the WLC:

debug mac addr <mac address of 1131AG AP>

debug dhcp message enable

debug dhcp packet enable

debug capwap events enable

debug capwap packet enable

debug pm pki enable

All I seem to receive are dhcp messages, which end up failing with:

"dropping packet (no mscb) found"

and then

"unable to match to a dhcp scope".

The WLC management interface, AP manager interface, 1131AG, and DNS Server are all on the same subnet (and VLAN).

I have enabled option 43 in the DHCP scope and also added an A record for cisco-lwapp-controller.(localdomain) on the DNS Server.

i have attached the debug output from the WLC


Re: 1131AG-E-K9 will not join 2125 WLC

Console into the AP itself and watch it as it boots. You've got DHCP 43 and DNS working, and it's on the same subnet to boot, so it would be good to know at what point the AP is flopping.

You should see debug messages showing that the AP received DHCP, that it's broadcasting, that it's translating CISCO-LWAPP-CONTROLLER, etc...

You should also work on getting a packet sniffer set up on the controller's attached switch to monitor traffic to the controller. That info can be invaluable to solving such problems.

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Re: 1131AG-E-K9 will not join 2125 WLC

As Jeff suggested, try getting a console session open.

I initially had problems with a 1131, and ended up giving "set ap lwapp controller" commands from the console, to prime the AP to help find the controller.

I think you can also give a static IP address to the AP using those commands.

One thing I noticed (only on the 1131) was that if you remove the ethernet cable on the AP, you have enough time to enter these console commands.

With the cable pluged in, it will try to join a controller and if it fails, the AP will keep rebooting.

Hope you find the problem, and post the solution.

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Re: 1131AG-E-K9 will not join 2125 WLC

Hi Alastair,

Can you AP ping the management IP Address of the WLC? If yes, then console into the AP and in enable mode type the command "lwapp ap controller ip add ".

If the AP doesn't have an ip address, use the command "lwapp ap ip address".

In the future, before deploying the AP, prime it by connecting it to the same VLAN segment with the WLC. By doing so, you will immediately find out if your AP has production defect or not. But most importantly, the AP will be able to register with the WLC and keep this information stored in the NVRAM.

Hope this helps.

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