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1131AG(ROOT AP) to 1131AG(WGB) Multicast Issue

I have two 1131AG with one configured as a Root AP and another as a WGB. Everything is working great except passing multicast traffic between the two.

Any one know why?




Re: 1131AG(ROOT AP) to 1131AG(WGB) Multicast Issue

The Reliable multicast messages from the access point to workgroup bridges setting limits reliable delivery of multicast messages to approximately 20 Cisco Aironet Workgroup Bridges that are associated to the wireless device. The default setting, disabled, reduces the reliability of multicast delivery to allow more workgroup bridges to associate to the wireless device. Access points and bridges normally treat workgroup bridges not as client devices but as infrastructure devices, like access points or bridges. Treating a workgroup bridge as an infrastructure device means that the wireless device reliably delivers multicast packets, including Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) packets, to the workgroup bridge. For more information on this read

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Re: 1131AG(ROOT AP) to 1131AG(WGB) Multicast Issue

Hi Steve,

I don't know if this is applicable, but I had a problem with 1131 AP's not working with multicasts properly when they are just standalone AP's. To fix it I had to disable IGMP snooping. I think the command was "no ip igmp snooping" or "no igmp snooping".



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Re: 1131AG(ROOT AP) to 1131AG(WGB) Multicast Issue

Hi Steve, I know this is an old post but did you ever figure this out?

I'm having a similiar issue passing multicast traffic from a wired client attached to an 1131(WGB) back over the wireless infrastructure (LWAPP).

During a trace I can see the WGB client receives the IGMP queries and responds with an IGMP membership report, but the IGMP membership report never gets back to the router.

Using an identical setup, when I remove the WGB from the picture and connect the client wirelessly on the same WLAN mulitcast traffic flows with no issues.

I have attached a WGB debug, any ideas please let me know.

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