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1140 Wireless AP EAP Auth issue

Hello All,

I have a Cisco 1140 access point in autonomous mode, a Windows 7 machine and a Windows 2008 R2 server which I have Radius, PeaP and Certificate services running on it. The Certificate server has been populated in the Trusted Root Authorites List on the Windows 7 client. I keep getting the EAP error below and do not know why. I have tested the unencrypted authentication of the Radius server using the (test aaa group radius Username Password legacy) directly from the AP and it works perfectly. The client computer sees the Wireless Network with WPA or WPA2 and but just can not connect to it and generates the error below. I retrieved the error below from the NPS logs in Windows 2008 R2. Both Client and Server have been tested using EAP settings MSCHAPv2 with no luck at all.

Authentication Type:            PEAP
      EAP Type:                  -
      Account Session Identifier:            -
      Logging Results:                  Accounting information was written to the local log file.
      Reason Code:                  23
      Reason:                        An error occurred during the Network Policy Server use of the Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP). Check EAP log files for EAP errors.

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Re: 1140 Wireless AP EAP Auth issue

Have you tried with LOCAL PEAP?? from the logs the issue seems to be on the IAS.. worked on a similar issue but, after raising a case with Microsoft support team, the issue got resolved..the customer did not inform the reason


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Re: 1140 Wireless AP EAP Auth issue

i mean.. the config on the NPS and the AD cert..

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Re: 1140 Wireless AP EAP Auth issue


Like the error message suggests: "Check EAP log files for EAP errors.", i would check EAP log files for EAP errors....

Share with us the EAP log files so we can take a look.

Make sure that you have the client properly configured for PEAP. Check if you are validating Server certificate and try disable it...




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