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1142 OEAP looses info about IP of controller after LAN cable disconnect or Power OFF/On

  Hello Cisco WLAN Experts,

we are running a worldwide WLAN environment for a big customer and would like to use OEAPs

in a guest house. In a first step, we would like to use spare 1142-APs for this purpose.

The WLC in the DMZ of the customer is a 5508 running at SW-level

While configuring and priming  the devices, I noticed the following:

The AP has been correctly primed behind a private DSL-Router using "capwap ap controller ip address a.b.c.d".

It joined successfully to the WLC via Internet, from which I did further configuration.

But after Power Off the device to simulate the sending away of the device, I noticed after Power on, that all

information has gone again. The AP does no longer show the WLC info using "show capwap ip config" and

is no longer able to connect via Internet to the WLC.

I found out that the only command to save information before Power off, was "Reload", which conserves

the WLC IP info during a Power OFF/On. but this is not documented in Cisco Manuals.

Now at the customer side, we are using power injectors and I noticed a second strang thing:

If power is given to the AP via the injector, before the LAN-connection is ready to work, all config parameters are gone again !

The WLAN AP loops in commnads to try to receive an IP-address,blinking green and even after the LAN connection is installed

soon after, the WLC fails to find the WLC. Also in this case, all configuration, the primed WLC IP address and all configuration

done during  the priming via WLC was lost again.

Is this normal behaviour ?

How can I make sure that the config is not lost in a 1142 used for OEAP ?

Thank You in advance


Cisco Employee

1142 OEAP looses info about IP of controller after LAN cable dis

Hi Wini,

In my experience, the recommended way to prime the OEAP is the following:

1. Get the AP joined to the controller

2. Convert AP Mode to H-REAP

3. Get into Wireless > Click on AP > H-REAP tab and select OEAP

4. When AP rejoins, get into the AP again into the High Availability tab

5. Prime the controller IP(or external NAT ip) information here

I'm curious if you still lose the config when priming this way.



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Re: 1142 OEAP looses info about IP of controller after LAN cable

Hello Erwin,

thank You very much for Your answer.

I tried already several times.

The AP at customer side joins the controller with the primed WLC IP address. No problem.

I can configure the AP from the WLC completely. No problem.


Everything is working until the point in time, when the Ethernet connection of the WLAN AP is failing for example some days later.

Imagine a power outage for example. Power to the WLAN AP is still there but somehow Ethernet is not working for a while.

Or imagine that the installer needs some more minutes to clarify the physical port on the next switch, while the WLAN AP is already booting

In that case, the 1142 AP powers up, is missing its Ethernet connection and forgets its information totally during the next booting steps!!!

Even when I connect the Ethernet some minutes later, the AP is no longer able to find its WLC.

The config done via WLC and also the primed WLC IP are all gone!!!

In this situation, the WLAN AP mounted in 3-4meters height need to be dismounted again to reach the console port and to prime it again.

This is not good for day-to-day-practise.


By the way Your steps are not quite correct:

It is necessary to convert the AP-Mode to H-REAP and to give a name for the WLC's IP address shown

under the high availability tab in step 2. Otherwise it will not accept the data.

When the AP rejoins the WLC, I also enable OfficeExtend AP Mode found unde the H-REAP-tab.

This enables encryption and disables Rogue detection.

I noticed also that the priming of the 1142 WLAN AP using the command "capwap ap controller ip address a.b.c.d"

is not enough, because it is not saved after a Power Off of the device.

The only way I found to safeguard this before sending the AP to the remote location is the command "reload" afterwards.

This reload obviously saves the capwap command somehow.

I haven't found a command like "save config" or "Write Memory".

If You know the official way how to save this permanently into the WLAN APs memory, I would be happy to receive this information.

Kind regards


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1142 OEAP looses info about IP of controller after LAN cable dis

Might be a bad flash..... I would just RMA that AP to be honest, because that is not normal.



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