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1142N configuration, VLAN problems

Hi, all.

First of all let me apologize in advance if I'm posting in the wrong place or in any other way doing something I shouldn't be. Put it down to being brand new on these forums and having been out of IT for the last seven years. (Don't ask, it was a horrible and unlooked-for excursion into another kind of career altogether...)

I have a slew of 1142Ns to configure and get up on a LAN. Overall, some problems but nothing that slowly increasing familiarity with these devices isn't fixing - up to a point.

Encryption, etc. is under control, I can get these nice lil' APs running just as I like except when I try to configure and deploy them in the network they're targeted for.  Then I hit problems.

The first and most basic one is that I seem to be having problems right at the physical link level on the switch I'm trying to use them with. Watching the console I see the PHYS stage just after initial start reporting TIMEOUT! Tomorrow I'll be going through all the cabling and the Cisco PoE device to make sure that's all okay. The switch is an HP Procurve 2910a1 48. Can anyone suggest anything else that might cause that problem? One thing that doesn't help is that I don't personally have any control over that switch's configuration - I have to take someone else's word that it's set up correctly.

The second problem is just checking that I've got the APs configured correctly. What's wanted is -

Static IP ( for example)



Gateway and


- I have the encryption, SSIDs, etc. straight (I think.)

What shoud I see in the relevant parts of the running-config when I do a show? What do I have to keep an eye out for?




Re: 1142N configuration, VLAN problems


You say "SSIDs," plural.

Assuming your 1142s are autonomous and that you have them set for multiple WLANs (SSIDs), then that probably means you are using sub interfaces on the AP with dot1q encapsulation.

If so, can you confirm with your switch admin that the HP switchport to which you are attaching the AP is configured with the AP's native VLAN as "untagged" and that any other VLANs you're using on the AP are explicitly added to the switchport configuration as "tagged?"

Configuring a switchport this way is called Trunking by Cisco and several other vendors. HP has "trunking" but it means something different for them. The generic term is 802.1q Encapsulation or 802.1q Tagging, so if you need guidance, search HP switch config guides using these terms.

Big assumptions on my part there, but I'd you have it working up to the point of plugging it into some other person's switch, then let's verify the switchport configuration is correct.


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