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1200 ap client adapter and antenna

I am having a 1200 ap working in .11b now but in future i want to migrate it to .11a.but as of now i couldnt see any antennas or client adapters that seem to support .11a.plz suggest.

If i am having 5 ap's in one floor say why cant we reuse frequency instead of using diff frequency in diff zones?I think that two ap's spaced apart out of overlap area shouldnt have any probs in frequency interference. plz suggest also.

Finally can i use wlse with cw2000?

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Re: 1200 ap client adapter and antenna

The .11a add-on modlue would have an antena of its own( similar to the Intel .11a module).

If you are keen on using (for site survey etc.) 11a, there are other vendors who have released 11a APs and cards.

We use same freq on the same floors if the AP's are far apart, works great. Its a common practise.

I have not yet used a WSLE but I think the Sales rep told us it can be integrated in CW2000.

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