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1200 wep problem


yesterday I received viewsonic Airpanel V150.

Wireless interface on my 1200 is configured with one additional VLAN, and THAT VLAN is active....the default is inactive I guess. All configs I've been playing with were done on THAT (second) VLAN, not the default one. I tried to use 40 bit WEP encr. in the first field in VLAN config. It takes 10 hex. characters w/o problem. Then i configured the same 40 bit WEP key on my Airpanel. But the authentication doesn't go through.....

When I take the WEP off on 1200 and Airpanel (set it to none), the auth. goes OK and I'm on my LAN. Airpanel is great btw...:-)))


Guys, I'm stuck.....I don't have an answer, everything seems to be so easy, right? What did I do wrong? I don't want to expose my network.....I will set up MAC filters, I guess I have to because I cannot set up the WEP.


One thing to point out. When I enter hex WEP key in the first (i haven't tried other three positions, just the first one on both 1200 and Airpanel) and hit "Apply", after the prompt if I'm sure, 1200 takes it and returns to that same screen with "40 bit" encr. drop-down box on and BLANK WEP key, no "stars". So it seems to me that although it took the key, something went wrong....Cisco should've put those stars, right? Or it should be clear that if i didn't get any errors then the key has been accepted and is active??

I tried 128 bit too but the Airpanel doesn't seem to support it, just 104 bit. Well, 40 bit would be enough...


Anyway, could you please help me? What am i doing wrong? Thank you very much.....


Re: 1200 wep problem

Make sure that you have followed the gouidelines which is explained in the following document

For 40-bit encryption, enter 10 hexadecimal digits; for 128-bit encryption, enter 26 hexadecimal digits. Hexadecimal digits include the numbers 0 through 9 and the letters A through F. Your 40-bit WEP keys can contain any combination of 10 of these characters; your 128-bit WEP keys can contain any combination of 26 of these characters.

For more information on this use the following documents:

To protect WEP key security, existing WEP keys do not appear in the entry fields. You can write over existing keys, but you cannot edit or delete them.

See the following document:

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Re: 1200 wep problem

Thank you.

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