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1230AG IP Config issues

Hi all,

i will start this post off with the fact i am extremely new to Cisco wireless and the fact i am trying to work with an older product doesnt help i am sure.  i have a Cisco 1230AG AP that i am trying to deploy in autonomous mode for a lab i am building.  i have reset the AP to the factory image using the "mode" button method and even went as far as issuing the "erase flash" command to wipe it clean (this was at one point in production on my comapny's network).  i have since loaded the 12.3-8.JEE IOS image onto the AP.  it boots fine, however i can't get it to pull an IP from DHCP (using TFTP32 as DHCP server on my PC connected via console AND straight through Cat5 cable).  the AP seems to request an IP of based on the log in the DHCP server.  i then tried to assign a static IP to interface FA 0 via CLI in the AP.  i also set the default GW address in the AP and put it in the same SN as my PC.  i the try to ping my PC, but i get an error on the AP saying that ping via IP is not recognized or the protocol is not active.  i know the ethernet port on the AP works b/c i transfered the IOS image via TFTP and i see the traffic over wireshark hit the DHCP server.  any suggestions/ideas?  thanks in advance for the help!


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1230AG IP Config issues

Hi Jrod,

Please try this

Assigning an IP Address Using the CLI

When you connect the access point to the wired LAN, the access point links to the network using a bridge virtual interface (BVI) that it creates automatically. Instead of tracking separate IP addresses for the access point's Ethernet and radio ports, the network uses the BVI.

When you assign an IP address to the access point using the CLI, you must assign the address to the BVI. Beginning in privileged EXEC mode, follow these steps to assign an IP address to the access point's BVI:



Step 1

configure terminal

Enter global configuration mode.

Step 2

interface bvi1

Enter interface configuration mode for the BVI.

Step 3

ip address address

Assign an IP address and address mask to the BVI.

Note If you are connected to the access point using a Telnet session, you lose your connection to the access point when you assign a new IP address to the BVI. If you need to continue configuring the access point using Telnet, use the new IP address to open another Telnet session to the access point.



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