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1232AG not joining


I'm guessing this AP is part of the batch that shipped with MICs installed.I've flashed this to lightweight but the .csv file is empty.The log mentions that "MIC is already configured in the ap".

LOG Details

2007/01/11 10:22:52 INFO xx.xx.xx.xx.xx Term Length configured.

2007/01/11 10:22:52 INFO xx.xx.xx.xx.xx Upgrade Tool supported AP

2007/01/11 10:22:52 INFO xx.xx.xx.xx.xx AP has two radios

2007/01/11 10:22:52 INFO xx.xx.xx.xx.xx AP has Supported Radio

2007/01/11 10:22:52 INFO xx.xx.xx.xx.xx AP has 12.3(7)JA Image or greater

2007/01/11 10:22:53 INFO xx.xx.xx.xx.xx Station role is Root AP

2007/01/11 10:22:53 INFO xx.xx.xx.xx.xx MIC is already configured in the AP

2007/01/11 10:22:53 INFO xx.xx.xx.xx.xx Hardware is PowerPC405GP Ethernet, address is 0016.9d6c.b004 (bia 0016.9d6c.b004)

2007/01/11 10:22:53 INFO xx.xx.xx.xx.xx Inside Shutdown function

2007/01/11 10:22:55 INFO xx.xx.xx.xx.xx Shutdown the Dot11Radio1

2007/01/11 10:22:57 INFO xx.xx.xx.xx.xx Shutdown the Dot11Radio0

2007/01/11 10:22:57 INFO xx.xx.xx.xx.xx Updating the AP with Current System Time

2007/01/11 10:22:58 INFO xx.xx.xx.xx.xx Saving the configuration into memory

2007/01/11 10:22:58 INFO xx.xx.xx.xx.xx Getting AP Name

2007/01/11 10:23:40 INFO xx.xx.xx.xx.xx Successfully Loaded the LWAPP Recovery Image on to the AP

2007/01/11 10:23:40 INFO xx.xx.xx.xx.xx Executing Write Erase Command

2007/01/11 10:23:46 INFO xx.xx.xx.xx.xx Flash contents are logged

2007/01/11 10:23:48 INFO xx.xx.xx.xx.xx Environmental Variables are logged

2007/01/11 10:23:48 INFO xx.xx.xx.xx.xx Reloading the AP

2007/01/11 10:23:50 INFO xx.xx.xx.xx.xx Successfully executed the Reload command

Now i can't seem to have this added onto the controller.Debug commands (attached) show that the controller is getting an LWAPP request from the AP but nothing beyond that.

I've tried debug pm pki enable in hope of manually adding but nothing is showing up on the debug logs pertaining to hash keys from the controller.

I've done a manual add, by keying in the mac address of the ap onto the controller. Still nothing.

Can some pls advice where to go from here?

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Re: 1232AG not joining


Can you post your controller config ('show run-config')? Also, it appears the AP is in the same VLAN as the controller, so if they are on the same switch, can you post the switchport configs for each device (controller and AP)?



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Re: 1232AG not joining

Apologies on the delay.

Here's an inital qtn. I have vlan1 setup in my core switch and i have the port that's connected to the Controller assigned to Vlan1.

I can't get into the controller when the VLAN indentifiers for ap-manager and management are set as 1.When i put in to 0, it'll work.

There is a fundamental switching principle that i'm missing here.

Pls advice

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