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1242 AP configuring VLANs and SSIDs

Hi everyone,

I am having some trouble trying to figure out how to configure my 1242 to run SSIDs for Vlans.

I have the AP plugged into a Switchport that is configured for trunking.

Here is how it is setup.

VLAN 1 untagged native

VLAN 10 Tagged <--- Wireless and Data

VLAN 35 Tagged <--- a seperate wireless VLAN

VLAN 40 Tagged <--- a third wireless VLAN

This switch is a layer 3 switch. I have setup the vlans on the switch and assigned an ip address for each vlan for each subnet.

On the switches routing table it shows the vlans and their coresponding networks.

I am able to setup 2 test clients on 2 seperate vlans plugged directly to the switch and I can ping between them.

I am not able to add one of the clients to the AP and ping the other machine directly connected to the switch.

I've also notices some weird things when connected to the AP.

On my *Wireless* SSID i can ping all of the VLAN addresses on the switch. When i'm on another SSID I can only ping that vlans subnet ip on the switch.

I apologize for not being more knowledgeable on these APs but this is the first one I have setup.

Attached is the current config from my AP. I have created this config using knowledge docs from the Cisco site.

I really do not want to use the native vlan for anything as my layer 3 switch will not route native vlan traffic.  I'm not 100% sure i have it configured to be ignored for the hosts connecting to the SSID's

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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1242 AP configuring VLANs and SSIDs

I would remove this:

information-element ssidl advertisement

I would also make sure that the trunk port is passing vlan 1, 10, 35 and 40 to the AP.

You also don't need this since you don't have an ssid for vlan 1:

encryption vlan 1 mode ciphers aes-ccm

Your ip default-gateway X.X.X.X is the layer 3 interface correct, but it should be vlan 1



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1242 AP configuring VLANs and SSIDs

As VLAN1 is your native VLAN which will carry all other vlan's so please configure VLAN1 properly..

Remove:- encryption vlan 1 mode ciphers aes-ccm

and default gateway should be of VLAN1 and not VLAN 10 as VLAN1 is your native VLAN

Rest all config is absolutely fine.

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