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1242AG as Bridge & AP

I think this setup will work but thought I’d ask anyway. I want to use the 5GHz radio in the 1242AG Access Point to form a bridge between two building 350ft apart. There is a clear line of sight between the two buildings. I’m planning on using the 5GHz ANT-5195P-R antenna (wall patch) mounted outside on the side of the buildings on both AP’s. In both buildings the AP’s will attached to small switches/hubs and the 802.11G radio will have diversity omni-antennas. Also in both building portable RF terminals (802.11g radio) will also need to associate with the 1242AG. In the “remote” building I will also attach one PC and a laser printer to the switch/hub. The network traffic for the PC, laser printer and portable terminals will be light. I hope the achieve data rates on the 5GHz link 36Mbps or better.

Any comments or advice?

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Re: 1242AG as Bridge & AP


Please help me if I am not accurate here w/your request. Your topology would be:


and running on dot11radio0 individual WLANs/SSIDs?

I looked through the config guide and release notes and did not see this as unsupported. I would test this in a lab environment 1mW tx power before deploying.

upload/send running configs. for each side.

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