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1242AG Configuration issue

Hi Guys,

I have a problem with a Cisco Aironet 1242AG. I have attempted to reset the unit to factory default. As per Cisco manual guides.

I am using a straight through cable with db9 serial to rj45 adapter. The specs are : using com1, bps 9600, data bits 8, Parity none, stop bits 1, Flow control (here I have tried none and Xon/Xoff)

Would any one have suggestions why the ethernet interface would be down.

In attempting to isolate ip address the wireless unit has given me a reply that its DNS ip


It did give some commands such as "ether_ineted"

to renable it but this has not had a resolution to a unit which is being difficult to configure.

The wireless unit indicator light signal shows green. I should also add the ethernet cable terminates in the console port.

Thanks in advance,



New Member

Re: 1242AG Configuration issue

I would hold the reset pin in and plug the unit into power and hold the pin in for 20 seconds. leave your console plug in and see what comes up. If you get jibberish, then try changing the console speed. If you usually change it, try whatever speed you normally change it to. If you don't get any jibberish at all, then you may have a defective wireless access point. I have had issues with 1242's and I just keep on resetting them until it comes up. Make sure that when you are resetting the access point the color of the light turns a reddish color in order for the factory default to take effect.



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