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1242AG repeater problems


I've got 2 1242AGs that i'm trying to get working correctly in a access point / repeater setup.

If the repeaters are close together, the two devices setup correctly as a parent / child type of setup. I can access the repeater's web config wirelessly, so i kow that its working. However, when i power down the device, and move it to the location where it will permanently reside, the access point and repeater never connect up correctly. It seems like the radios are too far apart, as they work in the same room, but 50 feet away and there is no communication. I have the repeater setup to connect using the A radios on each device, with a separate SSID for the repeater connection. I used the radio interference tool, and all channels have 0% on each frequency band, so i din't think its interference. At the same location, i get a very high signal from the G radios, this is just a house, nothing industrial, just a few walls to go through, but like i stated the G radio penetrates fine, just not the A. I even changed the A radio on both units to the 'best range' mode from default, no luck. Any ideas? Thanks!


Re: 1242AG repeater problems

Well, a couple things to keep in mind. For one, 802.11a signal travels shorter distances than 802.11g. It also gets impeded by walls more than 11g.

Second, repeaters need a 50% overlap with their root APs. It's not a great solution and should only be used when absolutely necessary.

Now, why exactly are you repeating the A signal and not the G signal? If you're wanting to bridge between the two APs, you can set the two up in bridge mode on the A radio, then use the G radios for client access.

Those are my thoughts! Let me know if you have anything else in mind.


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