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1250 Management IP/VLan

Hi All,

Configuring a standalone 1250, and need to configure the management IP.  The management for the switch/access point are not the native VLan.  On a switch I'd just go "int vlan x  ->  ip address x.x.x.x"   But on an AP there is no such option, just the BVI.

How/where do I configure the IP, if it is to be on say vlan 100?  (the AP will of course be connected to the switch by .1q trunk).


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Re: 1250 Management IP/VLan

Management IP address for APs is on the BVI1 (Bridged Virtual Interface).

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Re: 1250 Management IP/VLan

Hi, thanks for the reply.

If the IP address is just applied to the BVI, how would the AP know which vlan to tag management traffic on when its sent over the .1q trunk to the neighbouring switchport?  For example, the native vlan will be 1, while the management subnet (for both switch and APs) will be 100.

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Re: 1250 Management IP/VLan

You said it yourself.  The link between the Ap and the switch is dot1q trunking.  From the Fast/GigEthernet you set the different VLANs for trunking.

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