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1252 - Max Number of Clients

I have customer that is looking at deploying 1252 access points. I was wondering what the maximum number of clients that can associate to a single 1252. Does this count differ between 1252s running autonomous and LWAPP? The proposed configuration is using B/G radios at 54Mbps but quoting the A/B/G model for future 802.11n deployment (5Ghz radios would be turned off for now).

Any information would be greatly appreciated.



Cisco Employee

Re: 1252 - Max Number of Clients

Its not as simple as the max number of clients but you also have to consider the type of client. Also food RF deisign and survey are critical to maximising client throughput.

There are rules for existing aps of approx 20-25 max for data. This would be 7 for voice in mixed mode b/g or 14 for g only and 20 for a only.

The ap can theoretically support many more clients, I think the figure is 256. With very simplistic data transfer such as bar code scanning I have seen as may as 50 clients with no issues.

As you ar lookig at abg these figures seem realistic.

With 802.11n you hav more bandwith available, better utilisation of the spectrum and therefore more client but its about being realistic and looking at what you are trying to connect.

Streaming multimedia would be lower than data only. Data only I would say 50 clients no issues but thats quite a density considering the RF footprint. For voice you are stuck with the above figures as you are still only dealing with abg clients.

Hope that helps

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Re: 1252 - Max Number of Clients

Hi Joe,

Wireless AP is similar to a hub. Whenever a Wireless AP hears or sends data, it can only speak to one client at a time.

For LAP, Cisco's default is 12 but you can always increase this number to a maximum of 75. This figure is across the board.

The higher the number of client transmissions are associated to a particular AP, the lower the speed.

Hope this helps.

Cisco Employee

Re: 1252 - Max Number of Clients

Just to clarify, the 12-75 is for the load profile. This is just the number that will trigger 'Load Profile Failed'.

The APs can actually handle 255 associations I think, but you would never want this many in the first place.

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Re: 1252 - Max Number of Clients

Hi Joe,

I forgot to add that Cisco recommends no more than 25 clients per AP is optimal.

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