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1252AP won't forward more than two requests for DHCP

American Honda required us to install a new wireless network for our diagnostic equipment to communicate over. We got 2 Cisco 1252AP's (to my knowledge not lightweight models), but are currently only using the 1 with the other one setup identical and only to be used it a failure of the primary. Along with the two APs, we also purchased two Panasonic Toughbooks to use as diagnostic tablets. After setting up the AP's and testing with my company laptop (Toshiba running Vista sp2) and having no issues connecting to the wireless and communicating on the internet I assumed everything was working ok. We setup both Toughbooks connecting to a linksys in our office and everything is working fine. Brought the Toughbooks down to Honda and they will associate to the AP, but will not pull an IP address from our firewall. Toshiba laptop connects fine still as does my android phone. I manually assigned an ip address in the 2nd toughbook and I could ping the ap. I attempted to ping the switch that our Ap is connected to, but it timed out. I did a tracert to the firewall and after a really long first hop, it began to communicate and I coule ping any device on the network. I changed the adapter over to DHCP and removed all the static ip information. I then restarted the laptop and now it's pulling an IP address just fine from DHCP and works like it should. I thought i figured it out, so I tried the same with Toughbook 1. It's not working though. Still fails to get an IP from DHCP, and with a manual address can't ping the firewall. It can ping the AP and both clients on the AP, but can't ping the firewall or even the switch connected to the AP. I'm stuck here, any suggestions from you guys would be appreciated.

After much more effort on my part, I powered down the 1st AP and powered up the 2nd AP.  Configured it with a different SSID and setup Mandatory WEP 128bit encryption.  First two devices authenticated and pulled an IP address right away.  No matter what I connected next, it would timeout getting an IP Address.  Seems like the AP will forward the first 2 DHCP requests, but until 1 of those clients deassociates it doesn't forward anymore dhcp requests.  Is there something i'm missing in the setup?  

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Re: 1252AP won't forward more than two requests for DHCP

Whats the switch the APs are getting connected to? are they Small office switches like CE 500??



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