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128 WEP encryption!

I recently bought an Aironet 340 model AIR-AP342E2C and according to the documentation it is suppose to support 128 bit encryption. However, when I go to the security setup configuration page the only option available to me for the key size is "not set" or "40 bit" for the key. I've currently upgraded the firmware to 12.01T1 and still the 128 bit option is not available.

Can this have something to do with the license key? When I go to the Manage Installation keys configuration page I see under the "Number of Associations" only 1 listed instead of 2048 listed which is what the documentation has for this model. In addition under the "Features Enabled" field it only has "Short WEP" listed. So I'm wondering am I missing a license key that I need to install in order to enable the 128 bit encryption?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




Re: 128 WEP encryption!

Sounds like what has happened is the Access Point has lost the User-License Key during the installation of other firmware/drivers. This is a known problem, but unfortunately the only way to fix this will be to RMA / replace the unit. Once you get the replacement unit, you should be able to see the 128 bit option available.

New Member

Re: 128 WEP encryption!

The 128 bit option was not available even before the firmware upgrade. So I'm not sure this maybe the case. However you noted that this is a know problem...if it is just a matter of a user-license Key why couldn't I just re-apply the key instead of replacing the entire unit?

Cisco Employee

Re: 128 WEP encryption!

The short answer is no you can not re apply it yourself and this is a legal restriction that has been placed on Cisco, meaning that this has to be done in the factory.

If you only just bought this then I susspect that you bought this secondhand, I would talk to the seller. Sounds like it may have been like this when you bought it, but that is going to be impossible to prove.

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Re: 128 WEP encryption!

Have you been able to recover the key? I have the same problem, but the unit is no longer under warranty. Without saying it directly, the support person I was talking to said that I should throw it in the garbage.

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