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1300 as Workgroup Bridge

Hello everybody. I have a 1300 bridge pointing at a 1200 Cisco AP. Ther are no vlans set so I did not set the bridge as an Infrastucture client. The wep, ssid's, same subnet addresses, channels are all good and properly configured. The thing that gets me is wen I set the 1300 as a workgroup bridge the 11.g software and hardware interfaces go down. If I set it as an AP, Root Bridge or any other option the interface go back to the enabled state. I know I am missing something simple here. Any advice would be greatley appreciated.



Re: 1300 as Workgroup Bridge

A Workgroup bridge will associate only to:

1. Workgroup Bridge to Access Point (AP)

2. Workgroup Bridge to Bridge (in AP mode)

3. Workgroup Bridge to Base Station (in AP mode)

4. Workgroup Bridge to AP in repeater mode (if the repeater is associated with a root AP)

Ensure that the AP to which the WGB is associated to meets the above requirements. For more information on WGB read the document available at

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