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1300 Bridge Design/Config

I want to use 2 1310 APs as trunk links between switches. I have 1 set as root-bridge and the other as non-root. The non-root stays in the reset state on the dot11radio0 and does not connect. What causes it to go into that state??

I have configured an SSID for each vlan I want to pass and an infrastucture ssid.

The switchports the APs are connected to are set as trunk ports that will pass all vlans.

If there is anyone with a config for this or has done it before would really help.


John M.


Re: 1300 Bridge Design/Config

The nonroot radio will stay down (even if it's enabled) until it can associate with the root bridge. I would remove all security and the VLANs to leave just one SSID then build the config back up again one step at a time.

New Member

Re: 1300 Bridge Design/Config

Thanks for the input...

The radio will also stay in reset mode if it does not have an antenna attached.....We ordered the wrong p/n!!!! I now have connectivity with the internal antennas!! seems to be working well. Just a dhcp issue now.

Re: 1300 Bridge Design/Config

Aha! Not having an antenna is a bit of an issue! : ) Glad you got it figured out.

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