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New Member

1300 series antenna

Dear All,

I wanted to ask whether AIRANT-24120 or other high gain bridge antennas can be used to provide Access point capabilities with 1300 series AP.

My scenario is that, that i wanted to give roaming services to my WIFI clients in approx 15km range. But the data sheets suggests that these antennas can be used for point to point or point to mulipoint bridge scenarios not with the Access point role. In short i was hoping to use AIRANT-24120 with one 1300 series AP to provide AP capabilities with long range.

Please guide me in this regard or suggest me any other solution.

New Member

Re: 1300 series antenna

Hi Tahirali,

In bridge environment this antenna (AIR-ANT24120 can operate up to 15.8 miles (approx ) at 2Mbps data rates. ie when two bridge are talking.

But what look like you are looking 15 km coverage for client. And its not possible because in AP enviroment we have client (wireless laptop and phone ) talking to AP.

Even though these bridge are powerful and can transmit up to 15 km using this antenna but we donot need to forget that these client operate with very lower power radio in it. ie less than 1 milli watt voltage.

So even though 1310 signal will reach client client will not able to send it signal so far ie 15 km or so . And hence its not possible until you have local tower set to all over this 15 km radius so to allow client to send back signal to server .

Its very similar as mobile phone as small cell that is phone connect to server through local tower.



New Member

Re: 1300 series antenna

well thanks to both of the participants, ur response cleared many ambiguties in my mind, however another problem that has arrived with one of my deployments is that i have configured 1 hotspot with PEAP MSCHAP v2 authentication. using ACS and CA server. The problem is that the clients get disconnected after 15 to 20 minutes. i have put the PEAP session timeout in the ACS server for 720 minutes (12 hrs) but still the clients get disconnected. One thing i would like to mention is that all these clients were happy with the same type of deployment done before and there is no interference issue with other AP as there is only 1 AP.....any suggestions?

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