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1310 Bridge very slow GUI Interface

We are experimenting with our first couple of 1310 Bridges.

We find the GUI interface to be VERY slow (1+ minute for updates to each screen) even though we are connected from a PC via X-over cable to Ethernet port on the injector.

Is this normal? Have we missed something in the initial configuration?

IOS 12.3(4)

We have tried re-booting, doesn't seem to have an affect.


Re: 1310 Bridge very slow GUI Interface

One minute is a long period. The updates should happen in a few seconds. If this is the case, I would ask you to connect through the console and look for any messages on the console. Also, do you see any abnormal activity on the AP LED.?

New Member

Re: 1310 Bridge very slow GUI Interface

this might seem crazy, but I have been burnt by this many times.... make sure that you have turned off the proxy server for the address range of the access point (or better yet just turn it off completly). even through you are connected via a cross-over cable your laptop may still be trying to use a proxy server to open the URL..... just a thought.

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