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1310 using AES CCMP encryption

I am getting this every hour on the hour, what do you guys think is causing this? Is this a normal thing for it to deauthenticate and re authenticate? This is a point to multi-point network. Below is the error log on the Root Radio


Root Radio Error Log

Interface Dot11Radio0, Deauthenticating Station 0018.b99c.93c0 Reason: Previous authentication no longer valid

Interface Dot11Radio0, Station MorrisNonRoota1 0018.b99c.93c0 Reassociated KEY_MGMT[WPAv2 PSK]


Re: 1310 using AES CCMP encryption

previous authentication no longer valid messages are indicators of problems in the RF environment. When clients are listed in an access point's association table, they must respond to the access point's keepalive messages within a given amount of time or the access point will assume they're no longer there and disassociate them (drop them from the table) and make start the association process all over again if they still want to be associated. If the client doesn't receive the disassociation messages, doesn't realize that the communication link is broken, and that he has to start all over again (reboot), when he does try to transmit again, the access point will force him to reassociate, and the "previous authentication" message will be displayed. Check for new drivers, in case that the wireless client is not answering accordingly.

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Re: 1310 using AES CCMP encryption

Hi Carlos,

Such kind of messages are generally found with WPA client as WPA has mechanism to detect rough client/ snipher attack. Now when even authorized cleint goes into sleep mode or due to interference reply delay to AP probe . AP drop that cleint packet.

Please check your cleint are not configured with Power save mode. If they do then change its mode to CAM ( constantly awake mode ).

I hope this sort out the issue.



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