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15 buildings

i have a client that wants to extend wireless in to a campus like setting.The buildings are 50 to 150ft apart,with good line of site between them.There is a main building where all the telephone services go to.There is also other power sources between the buildings.The buildings themselves are of wood and sheetrock construction with approximately 24 tenants per building.Most will have 1 or 2 computers.The buildings have cable access right now.

New Member

Re: 15 buildings

This sounds pretty straight foward. I assume you are using access points that are wired into you LAN. Each client would have a PCI-352 or PCM-352 card. You can also use a work group bridge and support up to 8 users directly from a small local area network. (Note: Use 128 bit WEP).

You may need to stick small panel antenna in the windows for the client side. If you use more than the attached antenna, you need an LMC-350 (in place of the PCM-352) card that allows you to hook to an external antenna. The PCI-352 already has the RTNC connector.

Also, consder the AP-1200. The base radio is about the same cost as a AP-352 series, but you have to add the 802.11b card... cost about $150 more. It is worth the cost since you can upgrade to 802.11a/g later and run a dual system.

Mike Wrobel

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