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1500 Questions

I am configuring point-to-multipoint outdorr W'less mesh network using 1500.

Since 1550 requires WLC ( Wireless LAn Controller ) I have configured one at central site.

Q1. Does each remote site also requires WLC at respective locations ?

Q2. Can the bridge functionality in 1500 support extending multi[pla VLAN traffic to the remote 1500 ?

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Re: 1500 Questions

hai sam

Iam also in the same boat.i want to configure point to multipoint outdoor using 1300....

if u hav any idea about this can share with me ,so that it wud b helpful in configuring it.

can u just tell me wat is a subscriber unit?

awaiting for ur reply...

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Re: 1500 Questions

If you converted your 1300 to lwapp you lose the bridging. If your ios based try this document

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Re: 1500 Questions

a Mesh Access Point (MAP) can have an ethernet connection. so you don't have to have a wlc on each site.

try these documents

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Re: 1500 Questions

My local MAP ( mesh Access Point ) can have WLC attached to its Ethernet port. But, how about the remote MAP ? Does it also requires another WLC connected to its Ethernet Port for the propoer operation?

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