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1510 Child and Parent don't talk

I have a 1510 network set up like this:

The Controller 4404 in the headquarter (Site 1). From the headquarter we use 1400 bridge to connect to a 1510(RAP or Site 2) via a switch. Then over the 5.8 backhaul, we connect to another 1510 (Map or Site 3), which is a child for Site 2.

From the headquarter, we can talk to either Site 2 and/or Site 3. However, when information requested from Site 3 to Site 2, we are having problems. It seem to me like Site 3 and Site 2 don't talk to each other directly. Can someone help me please? Thank you


Re: 1510 Child and Parent don't talk

In a wireless mesh deployment multiple AP1510s are deployed as part of the same network. One or more AP1510s have a wired connection to the controller and are designated as root access points (RAPs). Other AP1510s that relay their wireless connections to connect to the controller are called mesh access points (MAPs). The MAPs use the AWPP protocol to determine the best path through the other AP1510s to the controller. The possible paths between the MAPs and RAPs form the wireless mesh that is used to carry traffic from wireless LAN clients connected to MAPs and to carry traffic from devices connected to MAP Ethernet ports.

For the controlling the AP following configuration guide may help you :

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