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1811W ISR and AP1232

Hi there,

I would like to set up a branch office covered by wireless and wired network. The equipments are 1x 1811W ISR and 1x AP1232.

So normal pcs and printers will go connect to the switchports on 1811W. Wireless laptops and pcs will hook up via AP1232 and the wireless interface of 1811W.

But I am having problem to bridge the wireless network and the switchports of the 1811. I can't have them under the same network segment. It seems like the wired part and the wireless part have their own individual trunking system. Switchports are routed by "int vlan 1" and wireless are routed by "int bvi 1". Traffic can't be bridged through.

So is it the nature of 1811W that it can't bridge through the wired part and the wireless part, or someone can show me the proper way set this up?

Thanks in advance!


New Member

Re: 1811W ISR and AP1232

Have sorted out the problem already. I just missed the command:

bridge 1 protocol ieee


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Re: 1811W ISR and AP1232

I have a problem on 1811W where PC on the fast Ethernet switch port cannot ping each other.

Anyone have a workign 1811W config that they can post

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