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2 SSIDs on 871w possible?

Hi! I have one wlan-ssid on my 871w working for a while already, but it is only encrypted by WEP. I use a Palm Tungsten C organizer, which is only capable of WEP, no WPA possible. With this PDA, I'm using it only for internet-access, no local LAN access. My Laptop is therefore also using WEP...

So, I was wondering: is it possible to configure the 871w (with actual advIP IOS) to use two SSIDs? One with WPA encryption, and one withe WEP? At the moment, the wlan is using the BVI10/VLAN10 interface, but I would like to have following setup:

SSID my-wpa-wlan in bvi10, using WPA-PSK (no Radius available), with access to LAN and WAN

SSID my-wep-wlan in bvi20, using WEP, with access to only WAN.

For the different access I will use ACLs of course.

Can someone point me to a config using two SSIDs using a different encryption each? (when it is even possible, of course :-)

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Re: 2 SSIDs on 871w possible?

Hi Ardjan,

Looks like support for multiple SSID's on the 871W was added in 12.3(8) YI ;

Cisco IOS Software Release 12.3(8) YI supports wireless features associated with the integrated 802.11b/g access point in the Cisco 850 and 870 series routers and 802.11a/b/g radios in the Cisco 1800 Series routers.

The Cisco 850 and 870 series and Cisco 1800 Series fixed-configuration routers support the following new features:

Multiple SSIDs (wireless VLAN)---With this feature, the access point provides support for up to eight SSIDs, helping enable flexible service deployment. Each SSID is configurable for several parameters, creating up to eight unique sets of services. Configurable parameters include mode for guest clients (enabling a broadcast SSID), client authentication method, maximum number of client associations, VLAN identifier, and RADIUS accounting list identifier.

From this doc;

Hope this helps!


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Re: 2 SSIDs on 871w possible?

Yes, this helps already. I now know it is possible. Theoretically. :-) Finding documentation and features of IOS is a PitA...

Now I have to go and look for the configuration I need...

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