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2112 Controller interfaces and wired AP questions

I'm confused on the use of the various interfaces on a 2112 and was hoping someone could help. I have port 1 mapped to the management interface and ap mgr interface. Both are on the same subnet. The link from the controller's port 1 to my 4510 switch is a trunk. I have connectivity to the mgmt port, and apparently the ap manager interface is working becuase I've connected an AP and it has joined the controller. So I have a couple of PoE ports on the controller and thought I could plug in an AP to a PoE port and have access to it from the network using that trunk built on port 1 of the controller, but it doesn't work. If that's not possible, what purpose would those additional controller ports serve apart from being backups to the mgmt and ap interfaces?

The other thing that's confusing me is the wired AP I need in order to help detect rogues. My understanding was that I needed an AP with a connection into our network to dedicated to helping correlate APs that were transmitting RF and had a wired connection to our network. This AP needed to be designated as a sort of wired sniffer. I plugged it into my network and am able to browse to its http admin page and login, but I was expecting to find it as a member of the controller, but it doesn't appear to join. Is anyone familiar with the steps involved in setting up the wired AP in this design?

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Re: 2112 Controller interfaces and wired AP questions

I figured out the wired AP part of my question. It was shipped with an autonomous IOS. I used to upgrade tool and got it migrated to a lwapp IOS and it joined the WLC. I still don't understand the varoius uses of interfaces on the controller though.

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Re: 2112 Controller interfaces and wired AP questions

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Re: 2112 Controller interfaces and wired AP questions

I've actually read that before, but I still can't deduce from that text how I would connect an AP to one of the controller's PoE ports and enable connectivity between the network and that AP.

I can't help but think of the controller's physical ports as a switch, and since I have a trunk running between port 1 of the controller and my 4510 I should be able to connect an AP to port 8 of the controller, not assign an address to interface 8, and have connectivity between the AP and the rest of the network. But that's apparently not the case.

The only option that makes sense is to use a dynamic interface, but it needs to be assigned an address and a physical port. What purpose or scenario could I use that for?

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