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2504 AP Controller and Pay-Per-Use WiFi

Greetings all,

I do apologize if someone has already asked about something like this before.  I have done some searches on the web and here in the forums and not find what I am looking for. 

I am the IT Admin for a theatre that houses several companies all with unique needs.  Please let me preface by saying I inherited this network and I am trying to make things work as best as possible.  there have been a series of conundrums with a VoIP system that was installed not of my design, but that is a different headache all together.

We want to introduce a WiFi solution into the building that can do a variety of things, but I need a little guidance how to proceed.

I am thinking about getting a 2504 AP Controller and 5-600series AP's but I need to know if this will actually do what I am asking.  I also don't know how much concrete and steel  these AP will punch through so I am being a little generous with AP allocation in the building.

I need to have 7 or so SSID's that will need to be live.  The idea is going to be that a user from any of the companies will be able to work anywhere in the building and access appropriate network resources like domains, internet access, etc.  The building currently houses 3 broadband connections, two domains that share an infrastucture, and a third subnet that is used by backstage staff and guests to access the internet indepent of the main infrastructure.  The SSID's I want to layout are as follows:

NSCPASADMIN - for the building admin staff.  Will be hidden and Protected Gives acces to the NSCPAS domain and Internet connection.  192.155.101.X

NLTADMIN - For one resident company adming staff they have thier own internet connection and this SSID will be routed to the NLT domain. 192.168.10.X

NSCPASTECH - For the NSCPAS Tech staff.  NO DOMAIN access routed to a third internet connection independent. 192.168.2.X

NLTTECH- Same idea as NSCPASTECH but routed to the NLT internet access. 192.168.10.X

NSCPASGUEST- For incoming rental companies.  Willbe routed to the independent Internet connection.  WPA key will be changed periodically and given to customers upon purchase for group access.  192.168.2.X

PUBLIC - Will be routed to the independent Internet access and will be a pay-per-use scenario. X.X.X.X

LIGHTING - For tech access to a lighting network for ACN, Art-net, ETCNet3, and Show-Net Protocols. 10.101.11.X 

I am pretty sure everything I am looking to do is possible with this setup and will take a littel learning on my part, what I am truly concerned about is PUBLIC pay-per-use.  I have found a variety of ways to do this will custom ROM's for consumer grade WiFi routers and things, but nothing how to do such with hi-end gear like cisco.  I do have a couple of spare servers I can use to host a page if I need to and being that we are a running business we do have merchant accounts and things that I can tap into.  We want to be able to offer a pay by creditcard,maybe paypal, and offer vouchers that can be handed out in certain cases.  We also would like to be able to limit bandwidth on this channel so we don't get some college kids Streaming mass amounts of youtube while we have clients that need legitimate VPN access for large scale meetings.

I really appreciate any advice that can be offered before I have to call in someone with a littel more knowledge than my own.

Warmest Regards and Thanks,


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