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2504 WLC not seeing APs

I'm using a 2504 WLC with 1041 LWAP.  All works fine until everything is switched off for some hours.  On power up the APs eventually end up with a solid green light but when I'm on the monitor screen on the 2504 it doesn't show any APs connected to it.

If I default and start again, the APs will come up.  If I power off for only a few minutes they will come back up.  It's when everything is switched off for some hours that the APs won't come back up.  I've upgraded the s/w to  The configuration seems to remain intact on the controller even after a long power off.

Any ideas?


Is the time on the WLC still

Is the time on the WLC still accurate after the "long" reboot? Do the access-points get powered off as well?

Please post the output for the following commands on the WLC while the access-point is trying to join:

  • debug capwap events enable
  • debug capwap error enable
  • debug disable-all (to turn of the debugs)

Also include all console information of a access-point while it is booting and trying to join the WLC.

Debug the Join process ,

Debug the Join process , refer " debug Capwap " from

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