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New Member

3 x WAP 2000 (AP and repeater)


I connect first access point wap 2000 to router WRV200 by wired.

second ap wap 2000 as repeater. Third AP as repeater. 

its work but connection isn't stable.

many packets are dropped and internet signal is bad.

First ap work on channel 2 and wpa security and other too.

on first ap ssid blabla broadcast

I disable ssid on repeater is it ok ?

thanks - sorry for my spelling I'm from Poland and very rarely use English in writing/


Cisco Employee

Re: 3 x WAP 2000 (AP and repeater)

Hi Sukces2spzoo:

If the WAP2000-3 is a repeater to WAP2000-2, yes, that can be a problem.

[Internet] --- [WRV200] --cable-- [WAP2000-1] ~~~WiFi-hop-a~~~ [WAP2000-2] ~~~WiFi-hop-b~~~ [WAP2000-3] ~~~ wireless client

Assuming good clean signal at 54 and that WAP2000-1 is giving 54 mbps of effective bandwidth, because WiFi-hop-a is a repeater link, WAP2000-2 will only be able to give clients 27 mpbs of effective bandwidth because it has to use half of it's bandwidth maintaining the connection to WAP2000-1.  Taking that to the next level, since WAP2000-2 can only offer 27 mbps of effective bandwidth to its clients, WAP2000-3 will only have 13.5 mbps available for its clients because it has to use half of it's bandwidth to maintain WiFi-hop-b back to WAP2000-2 (which now has *2* repeater links to maintain on top of offering coverage to wireless clients.)

That's assuming that all the clients are associating at good 802.11g data rates (no need to slow down to accomodate 802.11b clients), no client of WAP2000-1 consuming all the bandwidth and starving WiFi-hop-a, WAP2000-2, WiFi-hop-b, WAP2000-3 and all their associated clients of bandwidth, all the antennas are appropriate for the installation and properly aligned, that there are no sources of interference out there (microwave ovens, fixed frequency transmitters, bluetooth devices, etc.)...the list goes on and on.

As well, in most areas of the world, the channels to use are 1, 6 and 11, since the signal is wide and something on channel 2 will interfere with both channels 1 and 6.

Chaining repeaters off repeaters is challenging and is usually an indication that the design needs to be rethought.  Cabling all three WAP2000s back to the WRV200 would be the ideal design, with WAP2000-1 on channel 1, WAP2000-2 on channel 6 and WAP2000-3 on channel 11;  that way, clients could roam from access point to access point by changing channels, but all still using SSID blabla.


Rollin Kibbe

Network Management Systems Team

New Member

Re: 3 x WAP 2000 (AP and repeater)

network infrastructure show in attachment.

I change cannal to 6 on all wap

I can not use wired to connect to router all ap.

So, look at that and tell me how it shudle be set.

Now every ap have the same ssid and broadcast it.

in house (everywhere) network have good signal.

but when i am connect to ap and ping router sometimes some packets are droped.

I do not now why... ?

thanx for reply.