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302-08P and AP1041N a good fit?


I  am replacing wireless for a local hotel. It is a 2 story building in a L  shape, about 120 rooms. All cat5e cables have been tested and  certified. I installed a 302-08P switch in the MDF and IDF and they are  uplinked via copper/gig ports. I am replacing some old WAP200s - 7 of  them - 4 in one wing (220 x 52 ft) and 3 in another (156 x 52).

I'm  looking at the AP1041N. It uses about 13 watts, and the 08P is capable  of 62 total (15 per port). I believe that with these power  considerations I will not be able to go w/more than 4 APs per switch  which should be plenty. Otherwise I will need to upgrade to the MP  switch or use some injectors.

I  would love to get some feedback on the AP1041N as well as using it  w/the 08P. Some reviews I have come across state that it has excellent  signal strength. The APs will be mounted to the ceiling of floor 1 chaseway between the rooms. The current WAP200s produce pretty decent  coverage, so I am thinking that the 1041s should blow them away. Any  thoughts?

I  know that wireless is finicky, but any chance that I could reduce the  number of APs by upgrading from the Linksys WAP200 to the Cisco 1041?

Any other comments, thoughts or ideas would be appreciated as well.


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302-08P and AP1041N a good fit?

Never used those switches, but your on point when you have to look at the total power consumption and the total power the switch can provide.  As for the WAP200 and the Cisco 1041, you are really goinging from a home type AP to a SOHO, business class AP.  I would believe that the 1041 will give you a higher TX power than the WAP200 and might help with the coverage.

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