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3702e AP and 2504 wireless controller


If I want to deploy a number of 3702e AP which support 802.11ac am I ok to use the 2504 wireless controller?



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Yes, as long as your WLC is

Yes, as long as your WLC is running code you should be fine. Refer this table for any AP compatible WLC software codes



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I agree with Rasika's post

I agree with Rasika's post about the minimum software you'll need, however, you say you want to deploy 3702e.  What is the antenna you're going to be using and how will the antennas be deployed. 


Remember that you'll find some distinct limitation when you want to employ 802.11ac nowadays.  Your first quest is to find clients which can FULLY support 802.11ac.  Don't look at the ads.  I mean there are some smartphones and tablets who claim to suppport 802.11ac but if you look closely at the product specifications there is only ONE wireless antenna.  


Your next hurdle will be your network.  Understand what bandwidth a single 802.11ac can push thorugh the ethernet cable.  Next multiply that by, say, three (three wireless clients associated to three different APs and all three running 802.11ac).  Now let's say all three APs are connected to ONE switch.  

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Hi Guys,Thanks for your

Hi Guys,

Thanks for your response, very helpful. I guess my aim with supporting 802.11ac was to make sure it was in place given that we are investing now. Would you do the same?

I was going to buy AIR-ANT2524DW-R= antennas?


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For a small environment and

For a small environment and to future proof, it would work. Along with what Leo and Rasika mentioned, you need to look at the backplane of the 2504 especially if your going to max out the AP license to 75.  In the future with wave 2, even the 5508 will have issues with pushing AC traffic and you might even look at the 8510's with dual 10gig to be able to push the traffic. 

The other option is put the AP's in FlexConnect mode and place traffic locally on the attached switch.  Of course right now you have some limitations on FlexConnect. 

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I was going to buy AIR

I was going to buy AIR-ANT2524DW-R= antennas?

Ummm ... I think you're about to make a serious financial mistake.  Exactly where (office, warehouse, theatre, outdoor, etc.) and how high (2-, 10-, 50 metres) from the floor are you planning to install the APs? 


If you are saying that the APs will be installed in an office space environment, then I'd recommend you get the AP with an internal antenna. 

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