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3750G - cannot access GUI on the wireless controller

I am not able to access the GUI of the wireless controller - If I console into the wireless controller I can ping the management IP address but if I console into the switch I cannot ping the wireless controller.

I think someone may have screwed up the configuration files - is there somewhere I can download the "factory" configuration from?


Re: 3750G - cannot access GUI on the wireless controller

To recovery to factory default, you will need to be on the console of the controller, and reboot. Once you are at the user login prompt you can login with recover-config, this will reset the controller to factory defaults. Prior to doing that, hit the CLI from the console port, and issue the command show interface summary. Take a look at the VLAN assigned to the management interface. Then take a look at the switch, and look at Port-Channel 40, should be there by default fo for the port channel to the controller. Want you want to check for is, the native VLAN on the port-channel. This is a dot1q trunk, so if they are tagged the same on both sides traffic will get dropped. For example, if you are using for the management interface and this is VLAN 20, then on the port channel you should have switchport trunk native vlan 20, and on the controllers management interface you would want to set the VLAN for 0, untagged. If you need to change this from the CLI of the controller, first issue the command config wlan disable 1, to shutdown the first wlan, then issue the command config interface vlan management 0, this will set the management interface to be untagged. Once you have done this, try to access the GUI again. Once in, you can make the same change to the ap-manager, if it is on the same VLAn as the management.


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Re: 3750G - cannot access GUI on the wireless controller

Try to enter this command first:

config network webmode enable

config network secureweb enable

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