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New Member

3850 WLC - 5760 Anchor: Multiple Guest SSIDs issue


I have configured a 3850 Foreign WLC and a 5760 as anchor WLC in a DMZ behind an ASA FW. The Anchor Controller is configured to advertise 3 GUEST Wireless:

(INSIDE) ---- ASA FW (guest in interface) -------------------------- (Te1/0/1) 5760 ANCHOR (Te1/0/2) -------------------- L3 Link-------------------- (guest out interface) ASA FW ---- (OUTSIDE)




Management VLAN 1: (Anchor Management VLAN – Mobility)

The link between the WLC and the Guest OUT Interface on the ASA Firewall is a L3 Link, NOT a Trunk.

The 5760 WLC is also a DHCP server for the three client VLANs above. I have also configured 3 SVIs as default gateways for these VLANs:

Interface vlan 11 –

Interface vlan 12 –

Interface vlan 13 –

wgh-anchorwlc5760-primary#show ip interface brief

Interface              IP-Address      OK? Method Status                Protocol

Vlan1              YES NVRAM  up                    up

Vlan11              YES manual up                    up

Vlan12              YES manual up                    up

Vlan13              YES manual up                    up

GigabitEthernet0/0     YES NVRAM  down                  down

Te1/0/1                unassigned      YES unset  up                    up

Te1/0/2            YES NVRAM  up                    up

Capwap0                unassigned      YES unset  up                    up

If a client connects to GUEST1 SSID it gets an IP address in VLAN 11 and its default gateway is

If a client connects to GUEST2 SSID it gets an IP address in VLAN 12 and its default gateway is

If a client connects to GUEST3 SSID it gets an IP address in VLAN 13 and its default gateway is

Mobility is UP and I can see clients connected to the Anchor WLC either in IPLEARN or WEBAUTH_PEND state. DHCP is working fine, clients get an IP and the right default gateway and DNS servers when connect, for example, to GUEST1.

anchorwlc5760-primary#show wireless client summary

Number of Local Clients : 3

MAC Address    AP Name                          WLAN State              Protocol


04f7.e482.b21c N/A                              2    IPLEARN            Mobile

bc3e.6d32.17f6 N/A                              2    IPLEARN            Mobile

a826.d5b3.5ae8 N/A                              2    WEBAUTH_PEND       Mobile

However, they are not able to ping the default gateway – SVI VLAN 11:, so I can not see any traffic leaving the Anchor WLC to continue with the Web Authentication Process (cwa) using ISE. I can see that the authorization policy (“unkown” and the URL to ISE) has been pushed to the clients but I am not redirected to ISE Web Authentication Portal when I open my web browser. I have done some captures on the FW interfaces but I cannot see any traffic coming from the clients.


I know that usually there is a Trunk (that allows client VLANs) between a WLC and L3 Switch when you configure multiples SSIDs and then configure the SVIs on the L3 Switch. However, I think this design with a L3 Link should work too because 5760 is a WLC+L3Switch.

My question is: Why clients are not able to ping their default gateway?

I hope it makes sense.

I appreciate any thoughts and help. Thanks in advance.


New Member

Did you managed to find a

Did you managed to find a solution for this? How was it resolved?

New Member

Hi,I couldn't get it working


I couldn't get it working (I doubt if it is really possible). I had to add a switch between the 5760 Anchor Controller and the ASA Firewall:


(INSIDE) ---- ASA FW (guest in interface) -------------------------- (Te1/0/1) 5760 ANCHOR (Te1/0/2) -------------------- SWITCH-------------------- (guest out interface) ASA FW ---- (OUTSIDE)


The link between the 5760 and the Switch is configured as a Trunk and it allows the 3 Guest SSIDs (VLANs). The link between the Switch and the ASA FW is configured as a Layer 3 link. I also set up the default gateways for the 3 GUEST VLANs in the Switch (3 vlan interfaces) and the 5760 as DHCP Server.


I hope it helps.