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3850 WLC MA authentication process

Hi all,


I have a small site which has the following setup:

3x 3850 stack with WLC (Mobility Controller, IPServices, approx 9 AP3602, radius authentication for wireless clients)

1x 3850 on another floor (Mobility Agent, 3 AP3602, dot1q trunk to main switch)

Users are able to authenticate via radius to the wireless APs that are connected to the 3750 stack upstairs.
Users are NOT able to authenticate to the wireless AP's that are connected to the MA downstairs.

Can you please clarify the authentication process? Is the radius request sent from the MC upstairs? Or is it sent from the MA downstairs?

I have had the customer add both IP addresses to the radius server as an authorised peer.



VIP Purple

Hi Dana,You have to configure

Hi Dana,

You have to configure your wlan in the same way in MC & MA. Also you have to configure your RADIUS configuration on your MA to point client authentication to your RADIUS server.

This should help you to check your MA configuration

Also make sure you have configured mobility correctly between your MA & MC. In below post I have used 5760 as MC, but your configuration can be verified in similar manner even though MC is a 3850.




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Hi Rasika,Thanks. I've seen

Hi Rasika,

Thanks. I've seen your blogs before. I used them to do the initial config. I found some missing configuration and corrected. But the customer is still reporting an authentication issue downstairs for AP's connected to the MA.


What are some good debug commands to run? And should they be performed on the MA or the MC?




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