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3x Cisco 1252 Wap Config/Scenario

Hi Everyone,

I have the chance to acquire quite a few Cisco 1252 LWAP's. I know it's possible to convert them to standalone AP's, so that's no issue.. Except maybe getting access to the IOS image?

Hoping I could use them in the following scenario. I work on special events & concert tours in large arenas & venues. I'd like to setup 3 of these units to work together to cover the venue. 1 at the back of the room where the audio console would normally be & the other two either side of the stage. There would only ever be 1 or 2 clients which are the tablets that control the audio systems DSP.

Is it possible to use them in standalone mode, all on the same SSID but on Ch 1, 6, 11? How does this work in the 'N' range?

We have a consistent issue that a single AP (older Cisco 1100) works fine with an empty arena, but stops working as soon as the room fills with people & there cell phones.

All your help would be greatly appreciated!

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