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4402-25 Wireless Controller On VLANs Questions

I have been researching the past few days about Cisco wireless controllers and access point setup. Yesterday, my priorities changed, because we would like to setup our campus on vlans.

We have a switch that is capable of having a max of 4 VLANs.

We recently purchased a 2 port 4402-25 WLC and a few aironet 1240ag access points. It is my understanding that both the WLC and access points can support 16 VLANs.

What I would like to do is setup 1 VLAN for staff, 1 for students, and 1 for quarantine on our switch. What I would like to know is if I am able to setup port one on my 4402 to handle all my VLANs and have my second port as a failover or if I can use LAG and cut down on the setup process. If I can accomplish this either of the two options do I make separate WLANs and link the 3 VLANs to it on the WLC? My final question is if I can get the 3 VLANs setup on the WLC do I have to still configure each access point for my 3 VLANs or can I do this through the GUI on the WLC?

If I happened to put this post on the wrong forum I apologize.

If you have any suggestion, best practices, or links to documentation it will be greatly appreciated.



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Re: 4402-25 Wireless Controller On VLANs Questions


I think I can answer a couple of the questions for you. I would use LAG to cut down on the complexity of the fail-over at least I found that to be easier for us, be sure to use the port channel commands on your connected switch.

If you can have or want multitude vlans assign them to different SSIDs for users. So they can select the appropriate network. Assign the SSID to the VLAN for each group.

When using LWAPP you do not really have any programming functions on the AP themselves this is all controlled by the WLC.

Just my little knowledge.


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Re: 4402-25 Wireless Controller On VLANs Questions

Hi Anthony,

Just to add a note to the good info you received from Doug. Once you get the VLAN/WLAN combination setup on the WLC you will be able to push this out to the AP's via the WLC. Here is a pretty good doc;

VLANs on Wireless LAN Controllers Configuration Example

Hope this helps!


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Re: 4402-25 Wireless Controller On VLANs Questions

Thanks for you help guys

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