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4402 Fail-Over


Does anybody know if you can split 50 lwap's between two 4402 WLC's? Maybe take every other and put them on WLC A, and the others on WLC B? So that if I lose WLC B or A, only half of the LWAP's go out.

Thanks in Advance.

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Re: 4402 Fail-Over

Hi Mike,

This is very possible. You could also go with 3 (4402-25's) WLC's in a N+1 configuration that would support all 25 of the AP's if A or B failed. Have a look;

WLAN Controller Failover for Lightweight Access Points Configuration Example

Hope this helps!


Re: 4402 Fail-Over


First configure a mobility group between the controllers and use the Primary and Secondary fields under each access point to manually balance the load. Set the controller name not the IP that you want to connect to. I'd suggest architecting your primary and secondary so that a particular floor or area of access points is terminated to the same controller. That way roams do not cause inter-controller events or traffic. I have successfully tuned the AP Heart Beat Timeout from 30 seconds down to 10 seconds, thus speeding up AP failover when a controller dies (config advanced timers ap-heartBeat-timeout x) and (show advanced timers).

Also look at the "AP Fallback" setting to determine if you want the AP's to stay on the secondary controller or return to the primary, after the failed primary recovers.

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Re: 4402 Fail-Over

Thanks for the excellent replies...

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