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4402 web auth issue

We are deploying 4402 controller ( ver 4.2), and trying to define a WLAN for guest access with web auth.

Our VLAN address in the controller is and default gateway is ( which is defined in the core L3 switch.

When clients connect to thic WLAN, follwing happens.

If the default gatway given from the DHCP is set to, wnd client try to access internet by entering any URL, the auth page displays . But after authentication the traffic cannot go out form the VLAN becase the defauld gateway is

But when we set the default gateway to the AUTH page does NOT displays. We have to enter "" to get this page. After authentication, traffic can flow in and out VLAN without any problem.

Is there any additional config to be done at the WLC to diaplay the web auth page for any URL ?

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Re: 4402 web auth issue


Not sure if this is your issue, but I have noticed that if a clients default home page is a HTTPS page it won't re-direct over to the controller's HTTPS web authentication page correctly.

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Re: 4402 web auth issue

The reason you get the webauth page when you point the gateway to .2 is that it is the controllers interface, but then you will not get anywhere. Webauth page will only be displayed if the users home page can be resolved, when resolved, you will get the webauth login page and when there is a successful login or via username/password or passthrough, then the user will be redirected to his or her homepage or url you set for redirect.

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